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Just found these photos of my old dog Jonny from the day Sarah and i got him. This was 2006 and we lost him in 2009. He was the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. I found the photos in an draft e-mail I sent my family right after I got him. Here are my first impressions:

This is my new buddy Jonny. He is very sweet and is picking up on the routine around here pretty quickly. Although he did think it ok to jump into bed with me this morning. 

At the shelter they called him part Chesapeake Bay Retriever but he seems to have no interest in the ball or, you know, retrieving anything. Sarah said better to have a dog uninterested in a ball then one who can think of nothing else. He is trying so hard to be good and he is very gentle but can be very insistent about holding your hand. We’ve figured out that if you just ignore him he’ll stop. I swear, the worst thing you can do to this dog is not look at him. I will say I was a little unsure about this whole dog thing (Sarah is the one who signed the adoption papers) but now that we have him, I couldn’t be happier. He is just the best and I’m so glad he lives with us now!

Can’t wait for you to meet him!

We found out later that he was actually part Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever . Although he never really caught on to the whole ‘retrieving’ thing. I hadn’t really thought about getting a dog again until I found this e-mail. Now, I think I may want one but I don’t think I could stand the heartbreak again.